India vs Pakistan: Babar Azam shows his excitement

India vs Pakistan Cricket Match

On June 9, the highly anticipated and thrilling India vs Pakistan T20 World Cup cricket match will take place at the newly established Nassau County International Cricket Stadium in New York. Few days are all that remain before the highly anticipated clash.

India vs Pakistan cricket match is always the most exciting and interesting cricket match in the world and millions of people watch this match online and offline. Not only the people of India and Pakistan enjoy this match, but cricket lovers all over the world also keep their eyes on this match. 

Babar Azam expressed his excitement on India vs Pakistan match

There is a lot of discussion among cricket giants and fans about this upcoming match. Meanwhile, Pakistan team captain Babar Azam has also said a big thing regarding this match. Babar Azam Said, “The match between India and Pakistan is discussed more than any other, creating a unique atmosphere. Both players and fans look forward to it with excitement. (Babar Azam’s statement in active voice)” 

While presenting the world’s view on the India vs Pakistan match, he said that wherever you go in the world, you will find people discussing the India vs Pakistan match. Everyone supports their country. Every fan eagerly waits for this match and his attention remains focused on this special match.

India vs Pakistan match is very tense and stressful

The most competitive and high-pressure match in cricket history is the India vs Pakistan match, due to the historical and political tension between the two neighboring countries. Despite the pressure of this upcoming match, Babar Azam said that players definitely become a little nervous due to the expectations and the atmosphere created around this match. It depends on how you approach it and the more you focus on the basics, the easier things will become for you as a player.

He also quoted, “It is a very pressure-packed match and if you stay calm and believe in your hard work and skills then things will become easier.”

There has been tough competition before

India and Pakistan have faced each other seven times in the T20 World Cup – twice in the final in 2007 and once each in 2012, 2014, 2016, 2021 and 2022.

There has been a tough competition between the both teams. India has won on every occasion, except the match in Dubai in 2021, in which India lost to Pakistan by 10 wickets. Last time Pakistan had reached the finals, but had to face defeat from England in the last match. Because of which Pakistan missed out on winning the World Cup.

This exciting and tough match between India and Pakistan will take place on June 9. However, Pakistan will begin their World Cup campaign with a match against co-hosts USA on June 6 in Dallas.

Strong preparations are going on for the match

Like India, Pakistan is also trying its best to win the T20 World Cup this time, for which the players of both the teams are working hard on their practice. 

Pakistan captain Babar Azam expressed his enthusiasm for the T20 World Cup and said that I am happy and excited because when you go to play in a big event, there is a different enthusiasm inside you. The aim of any cricketer is to play the World Cup, that’s why I have this kind of feeling in my mind. The hope is always to lift the trophy, but to do that we have to play top cricket against every team.

Well, like many other teams, Pakistan is also not familiar with the playing conditions in the United States. For this, Babar Azam has tried to gather some information along with preparing for their efforts on US soil.

Nowadays, Babar has also faced criticism from former players for his team selections, accusing him of trusting the selectors instead of making decisive choices himself.

The match against the United States on June 6 is very important as it will be played before the high-pressure match against India. Because historically, India has always dominated Pakistan in T20 World Cup encounters and has won six out of seven encounters, while Pakistan’s only win came in 2021.

The excitement of India vs Pakistan T20 World Cup is very high among the cricket fans and now all the cricket lovers are eagerly waiting for that day.

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